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Our Responsibilities

At Ibiza Club we know that we are responsible for more than just providing a quality product to our customers. We believe that we are responsible for ensuring that we maintain high marketing standards that only target adult smokers as well as offering customers an eco-conscious way of recycling products.

Quality is an integral part of Ibiza Club’s principles. These principles guide our actions to deliver products to our customers that are safe and compliant.

Our commitment is to never compromise on the safety, compliance and quality of our products. Teamwork, engagement, ownership and support by every member of staff is vital for achieving our quality objectives.


Our environment is hugely important and it is everyone’s responsibility to maintain it. With this in mind, we at Ibiza Club are members of a number of different compliance schemes that ensure we contribute to the responsible disposal and recycling of the products we sell.The crossed-out wheelie bin symbol on the vape device packaging and instructions manual indicates that the device is covered by the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulation and should be disposed of separately from normal household waste. The aim of this regulation is to reduce the amount of electronic devices that are sent to landfill so that they can be broken down and recycled. As a responsible supplier, we are part of a WEEE and waste batteries scheme that requires us to contribute towards this recycling process.

In accordance with our commitment, we maintain a transparent record of our compliance numbers: WEEE Producer Number: WEE/AJ0043SY and Battery Producer Registration Number: 05573.

Our WEEE Returns Policy

Whilst it is possible to dispose of a vape device responsibly at your local council waste recycling centre, you can also return any Ibiza Club device or charger to us and we will arrange safe disposal on your behalf*.

To return your products to us for safe disposal please send them to: AFB WEEE Returns, AFB House, Unit 2, Alban Park, Hatfield Road, St Albans, Herts, AL4 0JJ.

Please note that we cannot cover the cost of postage.

*The above policy only applies to electronic equipment. Does not apply to E-Liquids

Our strict marketing guidelines ensure that our products are aimed at existing adult smokers. We do not advertise our products to target or attract under 18’s or non-smokers and our website has robust age verification checks meaning that any orders placed by under 18’s will be automatically rejected at the checkout.