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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Watch our full length video for each device on the device product pages.

  • To turn the device on you will need to press the fire button 5 times in quick succession. Depending on which device you are using the LED ring around the fire button or the LED display will flash to confirm the device is turned on.
  • Check that the clearomiser or atomiser is securely attached to the battery and that the connections are clean.
  • Ensure the battery has been charged.
  • Do not attempt to access the internal battery.

  • Check the pod is fully inserted and the connections between the pod and the battery are clean.
  • Ensure the battery has been charged.
  • Do not attempt to access the internal battery.

  • This normally indicates that the coil may need changing or has a fault, replacing the coil may resolve this issue.

  • Ensure all connections are tight – but not so tight that they are overtightened.
  • Check that the clearomiser or atomiser has been attached correctly and has not been cross threaded.
  • Make sure that all seals have been replaced after cleaning the device.
  • The wick must not be removed from the coil, if the wick has been removed replace the coil.
  • Your device should be stored upright with the mouth piece pointing upwards.

  • Ensure the bung on the base of the pod has been fully inserted.

  • Once a coil has been dry burnt the taste may persist and the coil will need to be changed.
  • New coils need to be primed for approximately 10 minutes before use. If the E-Liquid has not soaked into the wick it may cause dry burning.
  • Ensure that enough E-Liquid is in the clearomiser or atomiser chamber. If the chamber is empty it will cause the coil to dry burn.

  • Your clearomiser or atomiser is most probably flooded. This could have been caused by any of the following reasons:
    1. Vigorously or continuously shaking the device
    2. Blowing too hard into the clearomiser or atomiser
    3. Inhaling too hard
    4. Overfilling or incorrectly filling the clearomiser or atomiser
    5. Leaving the device in a hot environment.
  • To fix the gurgling noise take the clearomiser or atomiser apart and clean with hot water. Then allow to dry for at least 24 hours.

  • Check that the correct charger for the device is being used.
  • Ensure that all connections are clean.

  • This will depend upon the rate of use and personal preference. Some users may want to change their coil or pod once per week.

  • We recommend using a 6 mg/ml or lower nicotine content E-Liquid with Sub Ohm devices.

  • All strengths of E-Liquid can be used with these devices including our range of Nic Salts.

  • Try using an E-Liquid with a higher nicotine content. We recommend slowly increasing the nicotine content of the E-Liquids that you purchase until you find the nicotine content that satisfies your requirements.

  • If you are using a sub Ohm device try turning the wattage up or adjusting the air flow. We recommend slowly increasing the wattage until you reach your desired vapour output.
  • If you are using a E-Cigarette or pod type device we suggest trying the Ibiza Club Sub Ohm device for increase vapour output.

For further information please refer to the device user manual or contact