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About us

Our Brand

Ibiza Club was created to meet the increasing demand for vaping products in the UK. We made the conscious decision to wait before we entered the vaping market until we felt enough regulation was in place to enable us to ensure the stability of the products and the market place. Hence, once the government had established its manufacturing and distribution standards, we entered the vaping market in 2018.

Ibiza Club celebrates bringing together wonderful flavoured E-Liquids, safe, sleek vaping devices and a little slice of Ibiza with you wherever you are.

In addition to selling our products direct via our online store, you can also find them in a variety of supermarkets, high street convenience stores and petrol stations across the UK.

Our Responsibility

It's very important that smoking and vaping is not encouraged in younger people. The absolute last thing we would want is for young people who have never smoked or vaped to take it up. With this in mind we maintain a very strict code of conduct for all our marketing activities. We comply with all regulatory codes in relation to the marketing of vaping products, but we go a step further. We won't ever take advantage of the ambiguity that exists within the advertising standard codes, nor will be ever support any distributor or retailer who is found to be illegally selling products to underage people.

We have created private groups and membership areas that keep persuasive messaging out of public view. We also operate a strict social media moderation policy to ensure that inappropriate content is not supported on our channels. Our social channels are there to help, advise, entertain and protect our customers.

It's vital that we protect our youth (and our adult population) from misleading advertising or content that has been skewed to obscure the full facts of vaping and smoking.

Smoking is terrible for anyone; we don't advocate or support smoking. Public Health England published a report about vaping and its impact on health and concluded that Vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking. If you must smoke, vape, it's as simple as that. We are actively supporting programmes to help people switch to vaping to quit or cut back. While there is growing demand for vaping products, if you don't smoke or vape, don't start º just don't.

For more information on quitting smoking or switching to vaping visit the Public Health England website.

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