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Sub Ohm Vape Kit 

The Deluxe Sub Ohm Vape Kit offers an intense, authentic inhale thanks to its adjustable airflow and wattage systems. 

With a sleek and sophisticated ergonomic design, it’ll fit comfortably in the palm of your hand – perfect for seasoned vapers who enjoy a regular hit.

Choose from a range of sleek and stylish colours to suit your look and personality.

Is the Sub Ohm Vape Kit suitable for beginners?

Our Sub Ohm Vape Kit is best suited for advanced vapers. This device is a superior pro kit offering a superior vaping experience for seasoned vapers.

It’s more powerful than a traditional device. When the resistance of the coil is reduced, there’s more electrical current. This means the coil heats up quicker and reaches a higher temperature, vaporising more E-Liquid.

When combined with different airflows, more cloud is released, offering a more intense flavour.  If you’re a beginner, start with an E-Cigarette Vape Kit and upgrade when you’re ready.

How do you use the Sub Ohm Vape Kit?

The Sub Ohm Vape Kit is recommended with nicotine strengths of 6mg/ml and below. You can use it with our Premium E-Liquids in any flavour.

Start with a low wattage and temperature, and gradually crank it up until you get the vapour you’re looking for.

What’s included in the Sub Ohm Vape Kit?

Each Sub Ohm Vape Kit comes with:

  • A built-in 1500 mAh battery for long-lasting usage
  • 1 x atomizer - including coil
  • 1 x micro USB charging cable
  • 1 x instruction leaflet