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NIC SALT E-Liquids

If you’re looking for an unrivalled vaping experience, have you discovered our NIC SALT E-Liquids yet? Available in a range of great flavours and a strength of 10mg, they’re a quicker, easier, more effective way to get nicotine into your system, giving you a more intense vaping hit.

What is a NIC SALT E-Liquid?

Salt nicotine comes from leaf tobacco, making it a type of naturally occurring nicotine. It’s easier for the body to absorb than traditional freebase nicotine, delivering a smoother sensation as soon as it hits your throat without ever feeling too harsh.

That’s because NIC Salt’s made by adding benzoic acid to conventional freebase nicotine, which neutralises the alkalinity. This makes it gentler than classic cigarettes.

What’s the difference between classic E-Liquids and NIC SALT E-Liquids?

NIC SALT E-Liquids are available in the same great flavours as traditional E-Liquids, including Classic Tobacco, Wild Strawberry, Menthol, and Black Cherry, but they offer a similar throat-hit sensation to regular smoking.

Nicotine also absorbs more quickly into the blood with NIC SALT E-Liquids, making them better for those looking for a more authentic smoking experience, whether you’re looking to cut down or keep your cravings at bay.

How do you use NIC SALT E-Liquids?

You use NIC Salt E-Liquids in the same way as regular E-Liquid. However, they work best with low-temperature devices, so try using yours with either an E-Cigarette Vape Kit or Refillable Pod Vape Kit.