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Beginner Vape Kits

We have a range of kits that are suitable for beginners. The E-Cigarette and Refillable Vape Pod are better suited to beginners as they are closest in terms of mimicking the smoking experience.

Switching to vaping to stop smoking is recognised by the NHS as a viable cessation technique to help smokers quit smoking. Quitting smoking is hard, that’s why we created the Switch to Quit Programme which is based on the same approach as the NHS stop smoking service with ongoing support and access to training videos to help get you vaping without difficulty. 

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  • Refillable Vape Bar kit

    Original price £14.99 - Original price £14.99
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    £14.99 - £14.99
    Current price £14.99

    Our new Refillable Vape Bar kit offers the ultimate convenience for any kind of vaper.The innovative air-driven activation system, ergonomic design...

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  • Replacements for Refillable Vape Bar Kit - Pack of 3

    Original price £9.99 - Original price £9.99
    Original price
    £9.99 - £9.99
    Current price £9.99

    Each 2ml pod can be used multiple times, so there’s no need to discard it after one use. Our pods are compatible with all Ibiza Club Bar E-Liquids ...

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