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The best thing about the Internet is we can access information and content from all over the world. The worst thing about the Internet is we can access information and content from all over the world. There are two problems with having access to information via the web, (i) there is no control over accuracy of the content, and (ii) it makes it hard to differentiate which information is relevant to the UK.

The media is awash with horror stories about vaping, but the underlying facts behind the headlines don’t seem to be getting through the noise.

When reading about issues related to product quality and associated risks, it’s always good to note where the article or evidence is coming from. America, and some other countries, have a completely different approach to regulation than here in the UK.

The UK has some of the strictest regulation for e-cigarettes in the world. Under the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016, e-cigarette products are subject to minimum standards of quality and safety, as well as packaging and labelling requirements to provide consumers with the information they need to make informed choices. In addition to that, all products must be notified by manufacturers to the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), with detailed information including the listing of all ingredients.

You can access the list of products registered under the MHRA scheme and check to see if the products you are considering are registered.

Here’s an example of what our device registration looks like on the MHRA list:

Submitter Name Product ID Brand Name(s) Brand Sub Type Name(s) Product Type TPD compliance
Alfred, Franks & Bartlett 03265-18-14098 Ibiza Club E-Cig Vape Kit Electronic cigarette – Refillable, device only. Declared
Alfred, Franks & Bartlett 03265-18-14159 Ibiza Club Deluxe Sub Ohm Vape Kit Electronic cigarette – Refillable, device only. Declared
Alfred, Franks & Bartlett 03265-19-12083 Ibiza Club Refillable Pod Vape Kit Electronic cigarette – Refillable, device only. Declared

What is the difference between USA and UK Vaping Regulations?

The regulation system in the USA is predominantly focused on age restriction, rather than ingredient and device safety, as a result there is enormous variation in the quality and strength of e-liquids for sale in the USA.

Many of the e-liquids produced in the USA use chemicals that are banned here, such as Diacetyl. THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and Vitamin E Acetate have been identified as the most likely source of the vaping related deaths and illnesses – both of these are banned here in the UK.

We also regulate the volume of e-liquid for sale when the Nicotine content is 18mg/ml or more. Many USA liquids contain 3 times the amount of Nicotine than UK e-liquids.

How can you tell if your e-liquid or device is registered?

You can go and check via the MHRA scheme and you will quickly identify if your chosen brand is legit. But, by far the easiest way to avoid any issues is to always buy your vaping supplies from a reputable retailer. NEVER make them yourself or buy from the black market – it’s just not worth the risk.


To be fair to the American vaping industry, THC and Vitamin E Acetate are not used in the production of regulated e-liquids. The root of the problem is e-liquids produced on the black-market. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has directly linked1 the issues to patients who used black-market products. If you choose to purchase a black-market product here in the UK, there is nothing to protect you.

Sometimes regulations can be a real pain, but when it comes to our health and safety it’s a really great thing that we have them. We are blessed with a highly regulated vaping market, that not only controls the quality and consistency of products, it is actively working to prevent underage people getting into vaping.


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  2. Article: Clearing up some myths around e-cigarettes, Martin Dockrell, Public Health England, February 2018
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Joanne Emmerson FCIM
Head of Marketing, Ibiza Club

Joanne is a fellow of the Royal Chartered Institute of Marketing and has 30+ years marketing experience. She has worked all around the world, is published in 7 countries and teaches marketing communication theory at Post Graduate level both in the UK and USA. She has worked alongside many government bodies, health organisations and national charities.