PRODUCT SPOT: Get the most from your Ibiza Club Sub Ohm Vape

More vapour, more flavour, the
Sub Ohm takes vaping to the next level.

One of the best things about vaping is the huge variety of flavours to choose from. Getting bored of one flavour? No problem! Ditch it and try another, there are plenty to choose from. But what you might not realise, is that the type of vaping device you use will affect how much flavour you get.

E-cigarettes and Refillable Vape Pods are great for new vapers, but they give you limited opportunities to tweak your settings. If you’re a flavour-chaser, you’ll find our Deluxe Sub Ohm device more flexible, as you can tweak the controls to really tickle your taste buds.

Here’s a quick guide to getting and maintaining the best vaping experience.

Changing the wattage

Adjusting the wattage will change the taste of your e-liquid as the flavours vaporise at different temperatures, giving you lots of different taste options from a single e-liquid. You are in control with a Sub Ohm allowing your set the temperature to get the flavour hit you like best.

We recommend starting on the lowest level (20 watts), increasing slowly until you hit the ‘sweet spot’, where you get the flavour pop you want. Every vape e-liquid is unique, and you’ll bring out different elements as you alter your settings.

Ensure the atomizer has been filled with E-Liquid before pressing the fire button.

Press the fire button to activate the atomizer. When pressing the fire button, the current power rating will show up on the LED display. Inhale slowly.

  • Greater airflow will result in more vapour.
  • Less airflow will result in less vapour and more flavour.
  • We recommend increasing airflow as you increase the power of your device.

Changing the airflow

The more air, the bigger the vapour cloud, but the bigger the cloud, the less flavour is in it.

To get a bigger flavour pop, try reducing your airflow to create a denser vape cloud, with bags of flavour. It’s always best to increase the airflow as you increase the power of your Sub Ohm. But be careful! If you cut the flow too low, you may affect vapour production, which will create an unpleasantly hot mouthful of burnt tasting vapour.

Which Nicotine Strength is best suited to a Sub Ohm Device?

Sub Ohm devices can deliver more Nicotine per hit than other devices such as e-cigarettes or refillable vape pods.  Because of that we recommend using E-Liquids with nicotine strengths 6mg/ml and below. If you’re new to vaping all together – our E-cigarettes and Refillable Pod Vape Kits are amazing alternatives. But if you’re a seasoned vaper who thinks they’ve tried it all – prepare yourself for something new!

Take care of your e-liquid

Keeping your e-liquid in tip top shape is easy. Simply keep them away from direct sunlight, and preferably in a cool place (not the refrigerator), and keep the lid sealed tight.

It might all sound a bit complicated, but, it’s very straightforward. Just take it slow at first and you’ll soon be happily experimenting with the settings on your Sub Ohm device.