It’s Ibiza Vape Club’s favourite month, VAPRIL!

What Is VApril?

VApril is a nationwide awareness campaign run by UKVIA to help the spread of knowledge and education about vaping.

Who Is VApril for?

VApril is primarily aimed at helping smokers who can benefit from learning about vaping as an alternative to tobacco smoking. According to Public Health England, vaping is at least 95% less harmful for you than smoking. (2018).

How will Ibiza Vape Club be celebrating VApril?

This VApril, we are launching a new device; Ibiza Vape Club Refillable Vape Pods Kit, and new NIC Salt e-liquids.

Available in black, blue, pink and gun metal, the new refillable pod vape kit is suitable for all users including beginners. Completely compatible with all Ibiza Vape E-Liquids or a perfect match to pair with the new NIC Salt e-liquids for a smoother experience that will satisfy a smoker’s cravings.

A clever and reliable system, the new pod devices hold a 350 mAh battery life for long lasting use. Built with a unique air driven activation system ensuring a seamless experience and negating the need for complicated buttons. Lightweight and sleek, the ultra-portable device is ideal for users transitioning from smoking.




Nic Salts

Our new Ibiza Vape Club NIC Salt e-liquid range provides quicker nicotine absorption into the blood stream than standard nicotine e-liquids: perfect for those looking to quit smoking.

Available in various flavours from Classic Tobacco and Wild Strawberry to Black Cherry and Menthol, this new formulation provides a similar throat-hit sensation to that of smoking a normal tobacco cigarette. With a strength of 10mg/ml.

Paired best with lower temperature devices, the new NIC Salt e-liquids are the perfect pairing with the Ibiza Vape Club e-cigarette or the new Refillable Pod Vape Kit. Whatever your preference!





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The VApril website has a wealth of facts and information to help if you plan to take the VApril challenge or know someone who is.