Vaping On Vacation

Having recently travelled to Ibiza with a bunch of Ibiza Vape Club e-cigs, Sub Ohm devices and enough vape juice to last a lifetime it seemed fitting to share my first hand experience of vape travel in 2018. 


Before you travel get hold of a couple of clear plastic bags and, especially if you are travelling with hand luggage only as I was. Make sure you zip your e-liquids firmly into one bag and your device into another. Do not make the mistake of keeping them altogether in a spare cosmetics bag – it causes all sorts of confusion at airport security! I also found that it was smart to remove the bottles from their packaging and to take your device from its box to save valuable inches for bikinis and shoes.




The advice from airlines is not to leave your vape device in your checked luggage, so do make sure to keep it next to you in your hand luggage when you travel. The reason for this is the rechargeable lithium batteries in your vape is a potential fire hazard. Do not take this as an opportunity to sneak a puff in the departure lounge toilets. Also, when you actually go through security your vape needs to be treated the same way as your laptop, camera and mobile phone so put them all in the same tray. As far as your e-liquids are concerned, remember they will be considered in the same way as your toiletries, so if you have lots of perfume, aftershave, lip gloss etc in your bag I’d suggest checking them in to the hold!



Vaping is not allowed in UK airports, or once you have boarded the plane, so don’t even think about trying it! Weirdly, some airlines like British Airways and Ryanair sometimes sell e-cigarettes on board, but that doesn’t mean you can use them. You also are not allowed to power up or charge your device whilst on board a flight. Another top tip is to drain any fluid from the device before you arrive at the airport. Not only will it save you time at security but it could save your belongings from being soaked in lemon custard flavoured e-liquid mid-flight due to the increase in air pressure. (Yes I speak from experience).




All I can say is that in Ibiza vaping is definitely acceptable once outside the airport! To my understanding it’s the same in most parts of Europe but laws surrounding vaping are still evolving and governments are constantly changing their rules so my advice is to make sure you look up the e-cigarette regulations for your destination before you travel, as well as confirm the airline and airport policy. You will face problems in Norway where there’s some pretty complex regulations surrounding liquids and e-cigarettes. Outside of Europe the following countries have all banned vaping – United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Singapore, Argentina and Uruguay.  


This handy Gatwick Airport Guide summarises a few ecig travel rules:

Happy Vaping and Happy Holidays!


This list of countries and vaping laws are all subject to change.

Please check in detail the laws on vaping for your specific holiday destination before you travel.