Vaping: Decoding our devices

Selecting the right vape can be tricky, and sometimes requires a bit of experimenting. Ibiza Vape Club can give you the low-down on the lingo to make sure you’re picking the right products and getting the most out of your kit.



E-liquid is what you put into the chamber of your vaping device. The liquid is heated up to produce the flavoured clouds of vapour.We’ve got them in a whole range of flavours: from Menthol to Juicy Blueberry.

You’ll also notice that our Ibiza Vape Club E-Liquids all come in different ‘strengths’ – this means the level of nicotine to ml. So, first thing’s first: you need to work out which strength e-liquid is for you. If you’re smoking anything upwards of 15 cigarettes a day, we’d recommend you start with a nicotine mixture of 18mg – our strongest. If that’s not quite right for you, experiment a little with our 12mg and 6mg until you find the one that’s just right.




Our Devices

All vaping devices have certain elements in common. They all have a vape tank that holds the heating coil and vape juice. Our devices have a great battery life, all you have to do is simply charge them up and go. They come in 2 versions and 5 colours which means there is something for everyone.



Super sleek, our Ibiza Vape Club E-cig is long, round and thin.

We tend to recommend the e-cig to those that are new to vaping as they’re the most similar to the classic cigarette, so make for an easy transition from smoking. They also mimic the method of inhaling you use when smoking, called ‘mouth to lung’. You draw the vapour into your mouth, then inhale it into the lungs.






Deluxe Sub Ohm

The main difference new users will notice is that our Ibiza Vape Club Sub Ohm device feels different to smoking cigarettes.

The method of inhaling used with Sub Ohms is called ‘direct to lung’ and you inhale the vapour in a similar way to smoking on a shisha. These devices create a lot more vapour and a denser vapour cloud, meaning you can taste more flavour.

Sub ohms get their name from the fact that their coils have a resistance below 1ohm. This lower resistance allows a higher current to zap through the coil, heating it up faster and hitting higher temperatures.

Because of the higher temperature, there is a higher percentage of nicotine in the vapour cloud, so we don’t recommend using a strength above 6mg.

To summarise, if you’re a smoker and looking to transition to vaping, the classic e-cigarette will satisfy that nicotine craving. If you’re after a flavour experience, Sub ohms are for those who have been vaping for longer and are looking to take their vaping experience to the next level.

Both of our devices come in a range of colours:
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