Summer Giveaway!


What an incredible summer the UK has seen so far this year. It’s the perfect time to add summery fruitilicious flavours such as Juicy Blueberry or Wild Strawberry to your basket – and to help you enjoy the summer sun even more we are giving away your choice of an Ibiza Vape Club cap or pair of black aviator shades, when you make an order this August!



Whether you are in the UK or abroad it’s always smart to take care of your vaping products in the heat. To help you do that here’s a few useful summer vaping tips:

Firstly, make sure you keep your e-liquids out of the sun. Not only can the heat turn Wild Strawberry into Gone Off Goji, it can also break down the nicotine and change the consistency of the fluid which can clog up and damage your device.




It’s not just your vape juice that can suffer in these searing temperatures, heat can also reduce a battery’s ability to charge, so at  home we advise you to keep your vape kit in a cool, dry place and if you’re heading to the beach, or driving to work be sure to keep e-liquids and your device out of direct sunlight.



In fact, vehicles are one location that many people don’t think of as a damaging spot for an e-cig. But don’t forget how hot cars can get during the summer! Avoid storing your vape at  the front of the car or in direct view the window as you may suddenly discover that the battery is not charging properly.

Stick to these simple principles and you’ll be chilling in clouds of vapour all summer long.